Moving House Hints and Tricks

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Moving House Hints and Tricks

Moving house doesn’t have to make your blood pressure soar. If you’re organised and plan ahead, it can actually be an exciting experience. The to-do list is overwhelming and money seems to fly out the window, but we hope this handy checklist helps you plan ahead and ensures an easier move.


1 Month Before the Move

– Book a firm date for moving and arrange some time off work if needed.

– Re-direct your mail with Australia Post.
Click here to go to Australia Post’s re-direction of mail service

Click here to go to a “checklist” of people to contact for your re-direction of mail, via

– Arrange a furniture removalist, or ask help from family and friends.
Note: Consider if there is access for large items of furniture or what level your house is on.

– Advise organisations of your change of address. See suggestion guide.

– Let your family and friends know your new address and contact details.

– Collect your packing equipment (e.g. boxes, tape, rope, scissors, newspaper, bubble wrap, etc). Your local supermarket or the tip will often have spare boxes or you can obtain new ones from packing companies or storage facilities. Wrap all fragile items in newspaper or bubble wrap before packing.

– Start dismantling large furniture items and begin packing all the items that you know you won’t need. Label each box and mark which room the box is intended to be placed in your new home. Also clearly mark on the box if it contains fragile items.

– Clear out all items you no longer use. You could give them to charity or hold a garage sale. Perhaps check with the local Council as to when the next bulk rubbish collection is held for any unwanted items that cannot be donated to charity.

– Set aside valuables like jewellery, passports, birth certificates etc, to ensure these are not packed. Transport these items yourself for security reasons.


1-2 Weeks to Go

Make a list of items that you will need on the day you move so that you don’t pack these items.

Start using up the food in your freezer to avoid wastage.

Arrange for disconnection / reconnection of electricity, gas, telephone & internet.
Click here to visit Synergy   Click here to visit Alinta Energy    Click here to visit Kleenheat

Cancel newspaper, cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, alarm monitoring & any other local services that you may have.

Return any library books and collect any outstanding dry cleaning.

If necessary, book professional cleaners. Kindly note that it is rare for a Contract to contain a condition requiring a seller to have the carpets professionally cleaned. If they do so, it is a wonderful bonus.

Organise child care and pet boarding for the moving day, if necessary.

Continue dismantling large furniture items and packing as much as you can.

Make sure you know when and where and when the keys will be available for your new property.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to do, you may like to book a packing company to assist.

Pack a small box of items you may need to access quickly (e.g. toilet paper, remotes, keys, phone charges, basic cleaning supplies, paper towels, rubbish bags, hand soap, scissors, hammer, screwdriver & Philips head, flash light, permanent marker, phone and laptop charges, cups, plates, toothpaste & brush, snacks and some yummy bubbly to celebrate).

If selling:
– Set aside any household warranty documents, building plans etc in a location for the new owner.
– Discuss with your real estate agent whether the buyer wishes you to leave any old paint tins and other such useful items. Pursuant to the Contract of Sale, all items must be removed from the premises, unless the new owner allows any such items to remain.

If buying:
– Book your final inspection with your real estate agent to check the property is in the same condition as when you signed the Contract to Purchase. Check the seller has complied with all their obligations/repairs.

Day Before the Big Move

Prior to disconnecting or dismantling computers, television, sound systems etc – take a photograph of the cords and/or connection points. This will assist with re-connecting later. Also complete a full system back-up.

Defrost and clean your fridge.

Drain and unplug the washing machine.

Charge phones/laptops.

Try to get a good night’s sleep.

Moving Day

Make sure you keep any valuables and important documents with you.

Ensure all cleaning has been completed and cleaning equipment removed.

Make a final check at the old house to ensure nothing has been left behind or missed.

Check that all doors and windows are locked as you leave. Hand over the keys to your real estate agent, as per any pre-made arrangements.

Take a last minute to reflect on your time at the house and take a photo before you leave.

After arriving at your new home, make up the beds ready for a good night sleep before continuing to unpack.

Open some yummy bubbly to celebrate and unwind.


I love to chat, so if you have any queries, please give me a call.

You might like to check out my Pinterest page for some additional hints and tricks about packing/moving and completing your final inspection of the property.

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