Related Party Transfers

Related Party Transfers

When buying property from or selling to a related party, such as a family member, a Related Party Transfer can be used in place of a regular settlement.

Related Party Transfers are an efficient, cost effective way to transfer ownership of a property to a related party (such as a family member or business party). Additionally, a related party transfer can be used to remove a related party from the certificate of title.

At Stenhouse Settlement Services, our experienced team can look after all aspects of your Related Party Transfer. This includes:

  • Interviewing all parties to ensure all circumstances are understood
  • Conduct relevant title searches
  • Devise the transfer of land and other relevant documentation
  • Organise approval from the office of state revenue
  • Inform government authorities of the transfer

At Stenhouse Settlement Services, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience, personal approach and quality of service. Our team know that all cases must be dealt with individually, as no two circumstances are the same. If you require a Related Party Transfer, contact us now at (08) 9405 8327 or email: for a free consultation.