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Change Of Name

When you change your name – either due to marriage, divorce, or if you elect to change it via deed poll – you’ll also need to update your name on your Certificate of Title. We can assist with this process.

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Related Party Transfers

When buying property from or selling to a related party (such as a family member), a Related Party Transfer can be used in place of a regular settlement.

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Residential Property Settlement

A property settlement is the process of transferring property from one owner to another. This process must be completed meticulously, with one small error potentially causing severe delays. When you trust your residential settlement to Stenhouse Settlement Services, expect timely, professional care suited to your needs.

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Strata Titles

Strata titles allow individuals to have ownership of part of a property and share ownership of the remaining areas. Typical examples include apartments, units and townhouses where you own a living space and share ownership of common driveways, gardens and land.

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